Eileen Fisher Adds Voice to Women’s Impact Investing Campaign

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Ellen Remmer
The Philanthropic Initiative


Eileen Fisher Adds Voice to Women’s Impact Investing Campaign

Boston, MA, June 05, 2019 – As women’s control of personal wealth grows -– more than 50% of personal wealth in the U.S. is held by women, with similar numbers globally – so does the opportunity for women to influence the capital markets through purposeful investing. This week designer and eponymous brand founder Eileen Fisher joined the open-source, non-profit Invest for Better campaign to motivate more women to take charge of their capital and mobilize it for social and global change through values-aligned and impact investing.

“Over the course of 35 years of building a brand, women have always been the heartbeat of the company. I am a passionate believer that if you give women the resources and platform from which to use their voice, they can have a tremendous impact across the business landscape and communities at large,” Fisher said. “Women bring a perspective that can fundamentally change the business model paradigm.”

For women who engage in philanthropic work through their organizations – committing time through board memberships or volunteering, to making grants – impact investing becomes a third, highly powerful tool that many neglect to wield. Women consistently show overwhelming interest in socially responsible and impact investing, yet a 2016 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth survey of high net worth individuals showed that only 9% of men and 15% of women report engaging in impact investing (with a respective 19% and 38% reporting interest).

“Her ability to extend this message to women who love her apparel, and also to women who see her as a business role model, is so valuable to the issues around which impact investing can create change. Letting women know that they have this community of inspiring pioneers, as well as action-oriented tools and resources to help them undertake impact investing at any level is significant,” notes campaign co-founder Ellen Remmer, Senior Partner at The Philanthropic Initiative.

To learn more about the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation, please click here. For more information on Invest for Better or The Philanthropic Initiative, contact Ellen Remmer at eremmer@tpi.org.